Aresse Engineering

Testing and Monitoring

Load measurements.
Strain and Stress measurements.
Transportation event characterization

Operational vibration data acquisition and analysis.
Operational and experimental modal analysis.
Duty characterization and accelerated vibration fatigue test.

Sound pressure and power level monitoring characterization.
Noise source identification. Intensimetry Sound intensity tests and acoustic photography (beamforming & others).
Test in Anechoic chambers.

Wind Energy Specialist
Since 2013 Aresse operates under ISO-17025 as an ENAC accredited lab for tests on the renewable energy sector, adding value to our extended experience on:
> Noise measurement: IEC 61400-11 rev3.0 and rev2.1

Out of accreditation
> Vibration measurement: Gearbox Trials

Simulation and analysis

Mechanical Simulation
Finite element calculation. Static and dynamic load cases. System identification.

Fatigue calculation
Duty characterization and life prediction.

Acoustic simulation
Noise propagation in near and far field. Acoustic Prognosis Noise mapping.

Code development
Development of dedicated software and environments to analyze dynamic behaviour of specific electromechanical systems

System integration

Condition Monitoring Systems for dynamic structural health monitoring.

Dataloggers with online and offline analysis tools.

End of Line acoustic and vibration monitoring systems.

Adhoc development of procedures, instrumentation and acquisition devices for operation and test monitoring.


Training courses in acoustics and vibration adapted to customer´s needs.

Knowledge transfer On demand adjusted to each company product and process.

Learning kits development.