A software developped by Aresse to manage all our monitorings. One software to rule them all.


Aresse has developped his own software solution

Looking for the flexibility of a software that allows to acquire and post-process high speed signals in real time from different sensors and architectures regardless of commercial solutions implemented.

This allows us to have an independent tool to use commercial or non comercial sensors and acquisiton systems.


Acquisition tool adaptable to any kind of monitoring

XDAS is the software that allows us to flexibly monitor all our tests, getting not only the direct variable acquired but also carrying out online analysis to have a complete information: configurable statistical data, spectra calculation and signal operations


Cloud storage and analysis tool

At the same time that we acquire the signals in any monitoring campaign, we storage them in our cloud and start the most advanced analysis. Hive is able to calibrate signals, calculate loads, efficiencies, life time extension…. HIVE can be also personalized to give answer to your needs

Just like the bees collect and bring the fruit of their labor to the hive, our Hive software collects and processes the data recorded throughout the ongoing monitoring